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Art is a form of magic - it has the ability to transform us, touching us in ways few things can. It reflects our deeper selves back at us and reconfigures us in the process. 

My work is a spell to challenge the status quo and recognise diversity as the key to a holistically well society, that is, of the Earth and not separate to it.

Sensuality and the erotic feature strongly in many aspects of my art, highlighting the importance of joyful, sacred acts of pleasure. Capturing this through figurative work that also depicts 'otherness' and what is often under or misrepresented in modern media, shifts the shame narrative that perpetuates the beauty myth, and creates greater opportunities for connection with self and others.

I explore these themes through a variety of mediums. Painting has been present in my life from the time I could hold a brush, where as photography and my modelling work came later.

My curiosity for the complexity of relating and its effect on human psychology coaxed me out of my studio, and into collaborative art. From the sensual process of bodypainting to the painting of space, with life forms in front of a camera lens. It's from here I decided to make my own tarot deck.

'Wolff's Cartomancy - a photographic tarot journey' took me a total of 7 years and became my biggest work to date. It was mostly conceived in so called Australia, in particular on Darug and Gundungurra Land (aka the Blue Mountains west of Sydney), however it has since travelled the world and acts both as a collection of art (of which larger prints are also available) and a divination and magical tool.

These days I am based in Narrm, on the land of the Wurundjeri People in so called Melbourne and continue my mischievous creating. I have returned to painting as my primary art-making practice.

I'm also a qualified holistic counsellor and complementary therapist. I run educational workshops and holistic kink rituals, and my counselling especially focusses on supporting people who are LGBTQIA+. 

To learn more about my art or therapeutic work please email or check out

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